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Best Elearning PHP Training courses Institute in Delhi

PHP is a commonly used server side programming language. it works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Website & Web pages. PHP can be easily integrated with HTML, CSS and PHPMYSQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is mostly used to generate the contents of a Web page as it is more secure and reliable than JavaScript because of server side security.

Elearning PHP Courses in Delhi

Elearning PHP Course Detail

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  • Elearning PHP Course Detail • An Introduction to PHP.
    • Starting with Variables.
    • Conditional Logic.
    • Working with HTML Forms.
    • Programming Loops.
    • Varieties in PHP.
    • String Manipulation.
    • Produce Your Own Functions.
    • Security IssuesWorking with Files in PHP.
    • PHP and MySQL.
    • Manipulate a MySQL Database.