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jQuery is a quick, modest, very useful and well-to-do JavaScript library. jQuery courses in Delhi, with sanjaywebdesigner makes things easier such as HTML data refraining and control, event controlling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across most of browsers. With a combination of versatility , simplicity and extensibility, jQuery has modified the way in which lots of people create JavaScript in jQuery training in Delhi.

In the past days, we've built web websites using HTML and styled them using CSS. Our pages look excellent, but they're not interactive-- we can't drag elements around the page, open and close sliding sections, animate HTML elements, or include new features to our HTML WebPages simply by clicking a key. These jQuery courses tell the methods of using jQuery in proper and understandable way. All that's concerning to change, though. In this track, you're going to learn jQuery, which will ensure you to conduct all these points and more in this best jQuery institute in Delhi.

jQuery has become possibly the remarkably popular tool in use right now for the layout and implementation of JavaScript in web site pages, and this jQuery course in Delhi will introduce you to the basics of this particular dynamic and effective cross-browser library.

JQuery Courses in Delhi

JQuery Course session wise detail of JQuery Training courses in Delhi

  • 1
  • Jquery Courses Session1 : Introduction of JQuery 1. JQuery introduction
    2. Downloading jQuery file
    3. Inserting jQuery in the document
    4. Syntax of jQuery
    5. Document.ready function
  • 2
  • Jquery Courses Session 2 : JQuery Selectors 1. Star selector
    2. Paragraph selector
    3. List selector
    4. A tag selector
    5. Id selector
    6. Class selector
    7. Div selector
    8. Child selector
  • 3
  • Jquery Courses Session 3 : Events & Attributes 1. Mouse Events
    2. Page load Events
    3. Page submitting Events
    4. Keyboard Events
    5. Attributes of tags
  • 4
  • Jquery Courses Session 4 : Traversing, CSS, DOM, Ajax 1. Traversing
    2. Dom Traversing
    3. CSS Selector
    4. Ajax
  • 5
  • Jquery Courses Session 5 : JQuery Effects 1. Hide & Show
    2. Fade
    3. Slide UP, DOWN, TOOGLE
    4. Animate
    5. Stop
    6. Callback
    7. Speed