Whats new in PHP 6

By | February 16, 2015

Whats new in PHP 6


Seeing technologies you love move forward is an amazing sensation. Another version brings hope of much better integrated tools, increased security, and faster methods to complete core tasks, thus making your web application quicker. PHP6’s enhancements and and updates make sure to make PHP6 the very best variation yet.

Eliminated – register_globals, safe_mode, and quote alternatives Eliminated
register_globals, being the most substantial removal, provides a giant security risk as it permits users to modify the querysting to include, change, and eliminate variable values. It’s highly suggested that you turn this value off on your present PHP construct. Magic quotes functions, a lot of noteworthy magic_quotes_gpc() and magic_quotes(), affect GET, POST, and COOKIE variables. I advise turning this setting off also.

Integrated Option PHP Cache (APC).
Though this setting will certainly default to off, APC’s caching can considerably increase the speed of your internet application. There are presently some fantastic PHP caching libraries offered but integrated support can make the system run faster. You can find more details on APC at http://pecl.php.net/package/APC.

E_STRICT Messages Merged with E_ALL.
This move will certainly encourage much better programs practices. Naturally, you will have to set your error_reporting()< level to E_ALL. My sites make use of E_ALL while on my development server but I change to level 0 (program no mistakes) when moving then to their hosting server (so that if there is a mistake, the user can’t see the error).

String Indexes: Removed, [] Becomes Requirement Use.
Since PHP6, you will no longer be able to utilize to reference the value of a String’s character at a specified position– the basic range position syntax, [], will certainly end up being the only use.

ASP Style Tags Removed (<% %>).
I have no idea why these were ever executed. I’ve never used them, nor will certainly I ever.

Increased Unicode Support.
PHP does not presently supply appropriate Unicode support and PHP6 aims to repair that. Unicode is treated on a per-request basis and can not be made use of worldwide throughout PHP’s functionality– Unicode in PHP ends up being inconsistent in usage and uses up more resources.

Other PHP6 Modifications:.
‘var’ will certainly end up being an alias of ‘public’ without an E_STRICT caution.
GD1 and FreeType1 variations will be removed.
Quick CGI will certainly constantly be on.
HTTP _ * _ VARS variable will certainly be gotten rid of.
XMLReader and XMLWriter will be integrated.
64-bit integers will be added.
Ternary ‘?’ important will certainly not be needed ($myvar = $_ POST [‘ myvar’]: ‘myvalue’; ).
foreach multidimensional ranges work (foreach($a as $k=> list($b,$c)); ).
Type-hinted return values (syntax not yet solidified).
Solidified PHP patch will certainly be included for increased security.

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