Web Designing Courses – Use Of JQuery Programming

By | December 20, 2014

Web Designing Courses РUse Of JQuery  Programming


Great deals of people choose innovative and dynamic websites designed with the help of jQuery programming due to the fact that they are aesthetically attracting the user. There are several benefits to using this technique because you can customize base scripts in order to suit your requirements. For people who do not have an idea of exactly what jQuery really is, it a fast and lightweight Javascript library created for a variety of purposes. You can do several things with its scripts such as traversing of HTML documents or building of custom-made animation effects. The device itself is incredibly simple to master and utilize, allowing you to create rich websites that would drive a higher user traffic in the direction of your web portals.

The first thing that individuals notice after entering a website is the interface. This is where the concept of jQuery programming can come handy, if you are constructing vibrant aspects within the interface itself. A widely used interface pattern discovered in numerous excellent websites is the principle of the modal window. It is a fully incorporated window that pops up from a page to display additional content for the user or to take in user generated information such as login parameters. This prevents unneeded redirection and looks visually interesting all the users of the website.

If you have been to any design centric website, you would notice a primary use of the hover effect throughout all web pages. The factor is that hover is a basic technique to provide a minimalistic interface to a dynamic website. It provides all the information that you want while reducing the clutter of a page. When you hover over a download button, it might provide information such as the version, compatibility and other aspects. Images can also use hover to preview the next or previous image. Simple jQuery programming scripts can be used to add the hover result to your website.

Certain websites might want to deliver their content to the users through special infographic representations of numbers. These numbers might be anything from number of comments for a particular article to the number of new signups over a period of time. If you have jQuery programming understanding, you can easily execute visual bar graphs to match your purpose. These graphs would take in the numbers, order them into a list and display it in an aesthetically attractive fashion, with the help of customized colors. These graphs can even blend in beautifully with the design theme and create a very subtle result for dynamic websites.

However, using jQuery is not simply restricted to a few specific functions. Its purpose is to alter the way websites deal with Javascript and it can be used to lots of customized functions depending upon your choice. Vertical scrolling and navigation bars are a common implementation of jQuery scripts for the advantage of the user. Everything from rich interface to distinctive results based upon changes and animations can be carried out within a short time using jQuery. It may have a lightweight footprint, but the application of jQuery programming to your website can take its user oriented design to a whole brand-new level.

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