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10 Best HTML5 Minimal Design Landing Page Templates

10 Best HTML5 Minimal Design Landing Page Templates: If you are looking for beautiful clean and minimal design landing page template then you land in right place. I am sure you already know the power of landing pages. If not then you have to know that, It’s one of the best ways to increase your conversions. Below are best HTML5 minimal… Read More »

10 Responsive Html5 Music Players Code Snippets

10 Responsive Html5 Music Players Code Snippets: If you are searching for responsive html5 music players then you are in right place. Today we collected some responsive html5 music players code snippets for you. All the audio players are fully responsive so you don’t have worry about how it looks on different devices. Below Are Responsive Html5… Read More »

8 Coolest CSS & JavaScript Text Animation Snippets

8 Coolest CSS & JavaScript Text Animation Snippets: You can make some rather spectacular text effects with basic CSS and a couple of lines of JavaScript. These effects vary from text display animations to 3D rotations or anything else you could picture. And also in this blog post, I’ve cataloged 8 of the coolest instances… Read More »